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Benefits of Sponsorship

Prestigious association with a premier FBI-affiliated public/private partnership x x x
Access to the invaluable training, education and networking at InfraGard events x x x
Company logo, brief description and link displayed on x x x
Company logo included in onscreen  at InfraGard chapter meetings x x x
Opportunity to bring a table display to three (3) InfraGard chapter meetings annually x
Provide one (1) educational speaker to present at Infragard chapter meetings x
Opportunity to bring a table display to ALL InfraGard chapter meetings annually x
Opportunity to bring a banner stand for display at ALL InfraGard chapter meetings x
Provide two (2) educational speakers to present at Infragard chapter meetings x
Opportunity to introduce a speaker at an InfraGard chapter meeting x

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Your sponsorship supports Chapter operations and the following:

  • Breakfast at events (approximately $660/event)
  • Venue reservations
  • Membership Development and Communications
  • Security
  • Community Outreach Programs
  • Business Operations (Hosting, Security, Insurance, Banking Fees, Postage and Courier Charges, etc.)
    • Note that the InfraGard Tampa Bay Members Alliance, Inc., Board of Directors is composed of volunteers who are not compensated for their work.

About our sponsorship opportunities

As an information-sharing and networking initiative, InfraGard serves the interests and combines the subject-matter expertise of a wide range of members. At its most basic level, InfraGard is a partnership between the FBI and private and public sector individuals. InfraGard members represent businesses, academic institutions, state and local law enforcement agencies, and other participants dedicated to sharing information and intelligence to prevent hostile acts against the United States. InfraGard “Chapters” are geographically linked with FBI Field Office territories and are a partnership between private sector-led InfraGard Members Alliances (“IMAs”) and the FBI.  InfraGard Tampa Bay Members Alliance Inc. is one of those IMAs or Chapters.

The InfraGard Tampa Bay Chapter covers Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg and the surrounding countries and all 16 of the currently-defined DHS critical infrastructure sectors as well as four locally-designated sectors. Our Chapter is continually growing and has over 800 members governed by our Board of Directors.

Your financial support will enable us to achieve these important objectives. We hope that you will consider sponsoring our Chapter at one of the levels described on the attached summary sheet. Our guiding philosophy in acquiring financial support is to form a long-term relationship of mutual benefit to both InfraGard and its sponsors. Accordingly, your sponsorship will be in effect for one year from the date our Chapter receives your sponsorship application and your sponsorship funds.

Sponsor Requirements (All Levels):

  1. Sponsors agree to focus on improving the professional knowledge and expertise of critical infrastructure defenders, first responders, and security practitioners through an education-oriented rather than sales approach.
  2. The InfraGard Tampa Bay Chapter will not provide membership lists.
  3. Sponsors agree to promote services and products to Chapter members only after the express permission of those members to be solicited has been received. This is also known as the "opt-in" policy. In conjunction with the opt-in policy, Sponsors also agree to adhere to a "no-spam" and chapter privacy policies. Also, membership names, contact information, and distribution lists will not be shared under any circumstances under this program. The InfraGard Tampa Bay Chapter logo may not be utilized or displayed without prior written approval from the Board under this program.
  4. To emphasize InfraGard's educational mission, except for table displays for Platinum level sponsors, sponsor or product-specific "standalone" displays or showcases are not permitted at any events.
  5. The InfraGard Tampa Bay Chapter reserves the right to amend its sponsorship program at any time, and abuse of the program could result in expulsion from the program, with no refund of sponsorship fees to the Sponsor.
  6. The InfraGard Tampa Bay Chapter has agreed to abide by terms of membership required by the InfraGard National Members Alliance (INMA), of which the InfraGard Tampa Bay Chapter is a part. From time to time, terms of membership may cause changes to this sponsorship program. Accordingly, the InfraGard Tampa Bay Chapter reserves the right to modify this sponsorship program to maintain compliance with INMA provisions.

Benefits of Sponsorship for the Tampa Bay InfraGard Chapter

InfraGard Tampa Bay Chapter sponsorships are valid for one year as described above and are renewable on an annual basis. Sponsorships and sponsoring entities must be compatible and consistent with the mission and focus of InfraGard, as determined by the Board of Directors of the InfraGard Tampa Bay Chapter, in its sole discretion. Sponsors are responsible for providing the deliverables associated with their benefits in a timely manner. The InfraGard Tampa Bay Chapter reserves the right to exercise policy control over marketing and communications and is not obligated to support products, services or activities of sponsoring corporations that are deemed to not to be in the interests of its members. The InfraGard name and service mark and logo are governed by strict licensing agreements and may not be used by sponsors as a representation, endorsement or other affiliation unless pre-approved by the InfraGard Tampa Bay Chapter Board of Directors. The InfraGard Tampa Bay Chapter reserves the right to adjust sponsorship benefits from time to time and as reasonably necessary.

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