Sector Chief Program

Sector Chief Program

Sector Chiefs are expected to be the “Tip of the Spear” for the Tampa Bay InfraGard Members Alliance. It is the Chapter Board’s intent that the Sector Chiefs become the “working arm” of the Chapter – the people to whom we look to provide the greatest value proposition to the Chapter’s stakeholders for sector-specific expertise and service. Although InfraGard is focused as an organization to support the FBI’s criminal investigation, counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence missions, Tampa Bay’s Chapter scope encompasses an “All-Hazards” approach to threats affecting the Tampa Bay region. This includes natural disasters in addition to terrorist and other man-made (e.g. HAZMAT) events.

Each of the Sectors in our Chapter is responsible to acquire expertise in their respective disciplines through recruitment, sector networking and training to serve the following stakeholders:

  • Law Enforcement Technical Support – for subject matter experts to support casework by federal, state and local law enforcement and to provide expertise to the Tampa Bay Law Enforcement Coordination Center’s Strategic Intelligence Unit
  • Law Enforcement Reporting – to report tips and leads regarding penetrations, or attempted penetrations of sector assets (physical or cyber) to appropriate authorities
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection – assist the Tampa Bay LECC and the Tampa Bay Critical Infrastructure Protection Program in their efforts to conduct vulnerability assessments, compile sector snapshots, create virtual walkthroughs and similar activities
  • Emergency Management – assist the County’s Office of Emergency Services in the Sector’s response to a major disaster

In fulfilling these expectations, the Sector Chiefs are critical to success. We look to the Sector Chiefs to recruit, meet with, train as necessary and lead the InfraGard Chapter members in their sector. The FBI InfraGard Coordinator, assigned Sector Liaison FBI Special Agents, the DHS Protective Security Advisor, the DHS Intelligence & Analysis Officer and your Board stand ready to provide whatever support is needed to carry out these responsibilities including:

  • Help in providing meeting venues
  • Expeditious processing of new memberships
  • Providing information sharing resources
  • Soliciting expectations from the stakeholders listed above for each Sector
  • Seeking outside funding to support Chapter and Sector-specific programs or initiatives

The Board understands that Sector Chiefs have “day” jobs and will not be available full-time to manage these responsibilities. Our intent is that each Sector Chief will endeavor to work within these general guidelines to the maximum extent practicable. We also understand that not every sector will develop at the same rate and that some sectors may receive more emphasis as needs in the region vary. This is the fundamental strength of the InfraGard program – applying regional sector-based expertise to meet regional needs for preventing and responding to major natural and man-made disasters.

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