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<h5><strong>You must be registered by 10/18/2021 to attend in person! </strong></h5> <b>Date: </b>October 19, 2021 <b>Start time: </b>8:30 a.m. <span class="fooevents-tab-timezone" title="America/New_York">EDT</span> <b>End time: </b>12:00 p.m. <span class="fooevents-tab-timezone" title="America/New_York">EDT</span> <b>Venue:  </b>TD SYNNEX (formerly Tech Data Corporation) 16202 Bay Vista Drive, Clearwater, FL 33760 <h3>Meeting Agenda</h3> 8:30 Breakfast provided by TD SYNNEX 9:00 Welcome and 2021 Election Results - Joe Rezendes 9:05 Introduction of Speakers and Topics - Moderator Ray Secrest 9:10 Speaker 1 – Scott Weiss, 8x8 9:55 Break 10:05 Speaker 2 – Doug Hill, Real Random 10:50 Break 11:00 Speaker 3 – Rob Krug, vTECHio 11:45 Closing Remarks – Joe Rezendes <b>Breakfast provided by TD SYNNEX</b>   <h3>Communicating From the Cloud</h3> <i>Scott Weiss,  Channel Sales Engineer, 8x8</i> <strong><a href=""><img class="wp-image-2304 size-medium alignleft" src="" alt="" width="300" height="295" /></a></strong><strong>Abstract: </strong>Overview on a secure integrated cloud communications and contact center platform which can provide the flexibility and resilience to quickly manage all employee and customer interactions from any location or device including the Cloud. <strong>Bio: </strong>Scott Weiss is a member of the 8x8 Channel Sales Engineer Team. He has spent the last 20+ years transforming from a network engineer to an expert in Unified Communication and Contact Center as a cloud solution. Throughout his career he has shown his ability to quickly grasp emerging technologies. Utilizing his vast technical knowledge, he has a unique talent to articulate complex technical ideas to both a technical and non-technical decision maker. <h3></h3> <h3>Is Your Cyber Security Quantum Resistant?</h3> <i>Doug Hill, Founder, Real Random</i> <strong><a href=""><img class="wp-image-2303 size-medium alignleft" src="" alt="" width="249" height="300" /></a></strong><strong>Abstract: </strong>Today most of the data that moves across the internet is currently protected by public key encryption algorithms. Quantum computers can break current public key encryption, and this should concern every business and government entity. Doug Hill, Founder of Real Random, will cover: <ol> <li>Why is quantum computing a threat?</li> <li>What you can do to prepare for quantum?</li> <li>How you can beat the kryptonite threat?</li> </ol> You will want to take notes on this session as you learn more about cryptography and quantum-resistant encryption. <strong>Bio:</strong><span style="font-family: Calibri, Arian, sans-serif"> Doug’s passion is to create a worldwide business based on integrity, inclusiveness, and innovation, that will improve the security of the Internet.  He has experience as an equity options floor trader, a retail store operator, and in developing land for national builders and retailers. His work as a developer laid the groundwork for managing complex processes found in technology innovation.  He is a part time resident of Tampa and a member of the Embarc Collective in downtown Tampa.  He founded Real Random in 2014 with a mission to enhance existing and new computer security systems. </span> <h3></h3> <h3>Being Ready for the ‘Bad Guys’</h3> <i>Rob Krug, Sr Security Architect,  vTECHio</i> <strong><a href=""><img class="wp-image-2302 size-medium alignleft" src="" alt="" width="240" height="300" /></a></strong><strong>Abstract: </strong>Rob will discuss cybersecurity concerns with telecommunications, network design and management. The discussion will highlight security vulnerabilities, cryptography, ethical hacking, and reverse engineering of malware.  Rob is very entertaining and will call on his 30 year experience with extensive training in cryptography, ethical hacking and reverse engineering of malware to deliver a stimulating and entertaining talk on what the “bad guys” are doing and how to make sure your company does not become a victim. <strong>Bio: </strong>Rob Krug has been in the network engineering and security space for 30 years and is currently a Senior Security Architect working with vTECHio. His background includes extensive work with telecommunications, network design and management, and most importantly network security. Specializing in security vulnerabilities his background includes extensive training and experience in cryptography, ethical hacking, and reverse engineering of malware.   <h3>#########</h3>

Date: October 19, 2021

Start time: 08:30 a.m. EST

End time: 12:00 p.m. EST

Venue: 16202 Bay Vista Drive, Clearwater, FL 33760